Community Vaccine Waitlist

COVID-19 vaccines by appointment only, vaccine waitlist, Greater Monadnock Public Health Network

Thank you for your interest in the vaccine. If you have a COVID-19 vaccine appointment scheduled and would like to be added to a waitlist for an earlier appointment, please carefully review the following information below.

Who manages the Community Vaccine Waitlist?

This waitlist is managed by the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network (GMPHN), which serves the 23 towns of Cheshire County and the ten western-most towns in Hillsborough County.

Can I be added to the waitlist?

If you are eligible for the vaccine and you have an appointment scheduled, you can submit a request to be added to the waitlist. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee that you will be offered an earlier appointment.

What should I bring with me as proof if I am offered an earlier appointment through this waitlist process?

Please refer to the communication you received from the state. If you arrive without your proof of work, ID, or as registered in VAMS, we cannot vaccinate you. 

What else should I know before I submit this form?

  • If you are offered a waitlist appointment and cannot come at the designated time, your name will remain on the waitlist until your original appointment date has passed.
  • Your name will be removed from the waitlist once your original appointment date has passed.

How do I add my name to the waitlist?

To be added to the waitlist, please click here and submit your responses.

People without computer access can call Cheshire’s Vaccine Information Hotline at 603-354-6712 and select option 1 to leave their name and phone number.

How will I know you received the form?

When you complete the form, you will not receive a separate confirmation that you are on the list besides the completion message at the end of the form. You will not hear from us unless you are called in for an appointment.

If you do not have an appointment scheduled and are not eligible for this reserve list, please call 2-1-1 or go to for more information.

What if I have more questions?

Here are some resources to answer your questions: