Primary Care: Check In and Check Up

Schedule a visit to check up on your health

Roz Vara-Good, MSN, APRN smiles with arms crossed, wearing badge and rainbow lanyard. Quote: "As a patient, you're in the driver's seat. It's always easer to prevent a medical problem than fix one."

If you're an existing Dartmouth Health primary care patient at Cheshire Medical Center or our Family Medicine Clinics in Winchester and Walpole, it's easy to schedule a visit to catch up on your care.

You can request appointments or even self-schedule visits with providers you've seen before via and the MyChart app. Or, just call us!


Evolving for better care

If you've delayed care during the pandemic, you'll find we've made a few improvements to the way we care for you. From telemedicine nurses available 24/7 and secure messaging via myDH to paired providers collaborating on your plan. Find out what's new in primary care > 

Choose a provider with Cheshire Medical Center

Welcome! We've expanded our family medicine teams at the Medical Center in Keene and our Clinic in Winchester. Find out what we need to set you up with a great primary care provider(PCP) and their team—get the process started today.

Become a primary care patient

Choosing care for your family

If you're choosing primary care for your whole family, you have options. All family members could see the same family medicine provider—or you can choose a pediatric specialist as your child's primary care provider. Learn more about choosing primary care for your child >

Julie Cookish, APRN smiles with a blurred image behind her of her caring for a child and parent.

Convenient care that expands seamlessly as you need it

Convenient access to care beyond provider visits includes telemedicine nurses available 24/7, and an Urgent Primary Care Visits team available 365 days a year. Direct scheduling and messaging with your team are part of the robust tools available via myDH, so you are always connected to–and in control of—your care.

With Virtual Visits, your provider can meet you wherever you are. In-person visits give you all the advantages of being cared for in a hospital setting, such as on-site diagnostic tools, a lab, retail pharmacy, and same-day orthopaedic consults. 

Sharon Ferguson, DO, smiles at camera, with a blurred photo behind of her talking to a patient via iPad while the patient is in bed.

As a primary care patient at Cheshire Medical Center, we offer Community Programs to help with things that get in the way of your health. Your whole care team is also on the same page with our Medical Center’s specialists and hundreds of world-class experts and advanced research from across the Dartmouth Health system. 

Charly Darius, MSN, APRN cares for a small, brunette patient.

A whole team committed to your health and well-being

At Cheshire, each primary care provider and supporting associate provider have a whole team of professionals supporting them, so they can offer you more complete care. Learn more about our team model >

Learn more about Cheshire Medical Center's Primary Care department

Joshua Leduc, DNP, APRN and patient

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Muthutantrige Cooray, MD and Jenna Clark, APRN

Partners in Primary Care

Innovative "teamlets" enable more consistent, responsive, and well-rounded primary care. Providers share how they collaborate to give patients the best possible care.

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