Thank You for Wearing Our Mask

Smiling lady wearing a surgical mask with nose wire pinched in place properly

We now offer every patient, visitor, and caregiver a new surgical mask at our entrances.

Why are we doing this?

Newer variants spread more easily than initial forms of the virus that causes COVID-19. And people are most likely to infect other people with the virus before they develop symptoms and know they are sick.

Fresh, well-fitting, good-quality masks that meet CDC and state guidelines are an essential tool to prevent you and those around you from being infected with the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

We need to protect you as well as the staff and other patients around you.

To do that, we have to be sure of the quality of masks worn by every person. That is something we can stand behind ONLY if you wear the mask we are handing out: new, Level 3 masks from our trusted suppliers. If you are wearing a KN95 or N95 mask, you may continue wearing it, but please make sure it fits properly and is new.

Masks are only as good as their fit, filtration, and maintained efficacy.

Even though KN95s or N95s are known to provide added protection, that is only the case if they:
• Are procured from a trusted source (many are not)
• Have been fitted to the person wearing them
• Are changed as soon as they get dirty, wet, or the ties lose their elasticity

We need your help to ensure the safety of every patient and staff member.

Please wear a new, good-quality, well-fitting KN95 or N95 mask, or one of our surgical masks every time you walk through our doors.

Our greeters and screeners at the entrances practice thorough hand hygiene.

They will hand you a mask while only touching the ear loop to give you the mask without contamination.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone within our medical center safe by wearing an appropriate mask.