Medication Assistance

Many of us already struggle to make ends meet. But what do we do when we need expensive medication? 

Cheshire Medical Center's Medication Assistance program coordinator helps patients get medications at a reduced cost or for free, by negotiating with drug companies.

Who is eligible for the Medication Assistance Program?

The Medication Assistance Program is for Cheshire Medical Center patients who need help paying for prescription medication. There is no cost to our patients to receive this help. The Medication Assistance Program is a free service to you, as a Cheshire Medical Center patient. 

Make the call to lower your medication costs

All you need to do to get started, is to call the Medication Assistance Program Office or ask your primary care provider to refer you to the program. The Medication Assistance Program Coordinator will then contact you to learn about your needs and put your medication plan into action.

We will ask about the medications your doctor prescribes for you. This information is helpful in finding ways to reduce the cost of the medications you need.

Let us do the work for you

We are very experienced in negotiating with drug companies to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients. It’s very important for our patients to have a strong, experienced advocate who knows what they are doing. We try to make it very easy.

Contact Medication Assistance Program

Hayley J. Compos

Other medication assistance partners

Our staff works closely with other programs at Cheshire Medical Center. Together, we can help patients with many health-related needs such as obtaining health insurance, reducing expenses, and accessing other resources:

  • Our Family Resource Counselors can work with you to find you immediate access to healthcare, and help your apply for other services, including health insurance.
  • The Prescribe for Health team connects people to community-based supports to live healthier lives.